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8th May 2014

IG Name:
House Number:
Phone Number:
Family Name:
Family Leaders(at least 2):
Family Co Leader(s):
Cars(At least 6 with pictures):
Story of the family/mafia(at least 150 words):
Picture of HQ:

Rank 1:

Rank 2:

Rank 3:

Rank 4:

Rank 5:

Rank 6:

Skin Ids

Rank 1 skin:

Rank 2 skin:

Rank 3 skin:

Rank 4 skin:

Rank 5 skin:

Rank 6 skin:

Level of the family holder(IG):

Why do you think we should give you a family/mafia slot?:

Level of the leaders:

Level of the co leader(s):

Have you read the rules?:

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